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Selby Raw Pet Foods please click on the link below. We stock a full range of raw Bullmer Pet Foods and Durham Animal Feeds including treats and snacks.

Bulmer Raw Pet Foods Selby
Raw pet food supplies Selby
Selby Raw Pet Foods
Raw Pet Food Selby

Selby Raw Pet Foods Feeding Guide

Start by making sure you have a good supply of raw food and know how much you’re feeding daily before placing an order.

As a general rule of thumb you would feed an adult dog 2.5% of it’s adult bodyweight. For example an adult dog weighing 30kg would need approximately 750g a day in 1 meal.

If they are overweight or underweight you would adjust the percentage fed to compensate for this. Selby Raw Pet Foods

ogs should ideally just be fed once a day when on raw as its better for their digestion.

Dogs are carnivores

Carnivores have sharp jagged teeth which are designed for grabbing, ripping and tearing meat. They do not have flat molars used for grinding vegetation like omnivores do and cannot chew as they have no lateral movement in their jaw. Instead, their powerful jaws and teeth hinge open widely allowing them to gulp large chunks of meat and crush bones.

All herbivores produce an enzyme in their saliva called amylase. This is what breaks down the cellulose in plant matter. Dogs however do not produce this enzyme and so feeding dogs as though they were omnivores puts strain on the pancreas causing it to work harder as the body tries to deal with the indigestible carbohydrate-filled food like kibble.

Dogs are not designed to eat dried man-made synthetic food. A grain-heavy, additive-filled diet puts their whole system under pressure. The organs are overworked trying to digest the indigestible which over time causes the immune system to become severely compromised. All too often health problems are the result of feeding an indigestible diet such as kibbles and wet food. Yes its convenient, but at what cost to long term health?

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