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Bettsy’s Groom Room is a relaxing and luxurious room for your dog. I only groom one dog at any time, so it is a very personal service for your dog.
All dogs are dried by hand, we DO NOT use cage dryers. Dogs waiting for owners will have their own pen with water,
dog bed and toys. We have thought of everything when it comes to your dog’s health, happiness and wellbeing.


About Bettsy's

About Bettsy’s Groom Room



british-dog-groomer-assoc-logoIt goes without saying I am an animal lover! Together me and my family have 6 dogs, 3 cats, 12 horses and 9 chickens and I wouldn’t change it for the world! I began my career in 2009 when I undertook a business management apprentaship through Selby college. I knew I always wanted to work for myself but all I knew was animals.


In 2011 I took my dogs to a local groomer who after chatting to, gave me an amazing opportunity to work for her as an apprentice dog groomer. Since I started I haven’t looked back and with my passion and love for dogs I finally found my dream job! I had my ups and downs throughout learning the skills as I soon found out that it wasn’t as easy as my professional tutor made it look… however, after 2 years of persevering, practising on my own dogs and friends dogs I began to produce some beautiful cuts and achieved my diploma in pet grooming and NVQ level 2 & 3 in business management. In my third year I started to advertise myself as a groomer and soon found my clientele building up through word of mouth and recommendations.

Beth Phillips


At Bettsy's Groom Room we have a broad range of services at competitive prices...

Bath, Dry & De-shed

Your pooch will enjoy a luxury bath with shampoo and conditioner chosen especially for the skin type and coat. Your dog will be hand dried and mats and tangles removed. Your pooch will go home smelling gorgeous with a spritz of cologne.

From £15 (Toy and Small Breeds)
From £20 (Medium Breeds)
From £25 (Large Breeds)
From £30 (Giant Breeds)


Dry Trim and Tidy

Your dog will need to have had a bath the night before. The Dry Trim and Tidy starts with a thorough brush and de-mat. The face and feet will be trimmed as well as any stray hairs, the hygiene areas will be attended to, eyes and ears cleaned, nails clipped and your dog will leave the Parlour smelling fresh with a spritz of cologne. This service is perfect for dogs that hate being dried after a bath, elderly dogs and dogs in between grooms to extend the life between a full groom.

From £15 (Toy and Small Breeds)
From £18 (Medium Breeds)
From £21 (Large Breeds)
From £24 (Giant Breeds)


Puppy Groom

A puppy groom is a very important stage in your puppies development. Puppies need introducing to the grooming equipment early and in a positive manner. Puppies should ideally come for their first groom after they have had their injections and before they are 16 weeks old. The first puppy groom will include bathing and drying, light brush out and mat removal, nail trim, ear and eye clean, light trim around the face and introduction to clippers, blaster etc. This will build up to a full groom over 2 or 3 sessions and means your pup will love their grooming sessions.

From £20


The Works

The full groom including bath and hand dry, clip and scissor into style, eyes cleaned, ears cleaned and plucked, hygiene areas attended to, nails trimmed and a spritz of cologne.

From £28 (Toy and Small Breeds)
From £30 (Medium Breeds)
From £45 (Large & Breeds) 



For wire-coated dogs such as border terriers, this is a full groom, but instead of clipping, the coat is removed by hand. This is a timely procedure which is reflected in the cost, but this is the correct way to groom a wire-coated dog.

From £35 (Toy and Small Breeds)
From £40 (Medium Breeds)
From £45 (Large Breeds)
From £50 (Giant Breeds)


No Appointment Necessary

Nail Clip £5
Ear Plucking £5
Eyes Cleaned £3
Ears Cleaned £3


Doggy Day Care

Half Day: £10 (7.30am – 1pm or 2pm – 6pm) Mon-Fri
Full Day: £16* (7.30am – 6pm) Mon-Fri

*£16 for 1st dog and then £10 for each dog thereafter.


Doggy Day Care

Coming soon: We will be opening our Doggy Day Care facility in June 2015

What is Doggy Day Care?

Doggy Day Care is what it sounds like, we take care of your dog for the day. If you work long hours and have to leave your dog at home, this is the perfect option for you. You can bring your dog to us before you set off for work (we are open from 7.30am). Your dog will then have an exciting and fun day making full use of our Day care facilities, from playing with an array of toys, playing with other dogs in day care (if dog is friendly with other dogs and you are happy for your dog to socialise, otherwise they will be kept separated). Your dog will be taken for two walks per day and will enjoy some down time in our comfy dog beds ‘and luxurious sofa’ ….yep were putting a sofa in there for them!


We go above and beyond

Your Pooch will never be left unattended as there will always be someone to watch the Day care when I am grooming. We clean muddy paws before your dogs are returned and if they have got particularly mucky, they will be cleaned with a dry shampoo. Does your dog require medication? As long as you provide thorough instructions, we can give your dog its medication. Does your dog require feeding? Dogs will be separated from other dogs in day care to feed, if you would like your dog feeding, we will need a supply of your pooches regular food from home.


Drop Off and Pick Up Times

Morning drop off: 7.30am – 9am
Morning Pick Up: 12pm – 1.30pm
Afternoon drop off: 1.30pm – 2.30pm
Afternoon Pick Up: 5.30pm – 6pm
Full Day Drop Off: 7.30am – 9am
Full Day Pick Up: 5.30pm – 6pm


 Do you have trouble booking your dog in for grooming on your day off?

Doggy Day Care is the perfect solution, we will look after your dog and allocate a grooming slot for your pampered pooch, meaning your dog will be gorgeously groomed and smelling wonderful when you pick up later in the day.


 Dog Capacity Three Dogs per day,

book soon as we will get full quickly.



To register your interest with us for Dog Day Care, send us an email


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